Accessible Transport 4 U

Candyfloss Outings

A project within AT4U that aims to bring to its members the opportunity to get out and see places of interest or have a day out to charge up your personal batteries, not just your wheelchair, if you use one.

The idea was started by the I Am Me drop in centre as their day trip social activities and AT4U took up the idea when the centre closed.

There will be an up to date itinerary available upon request by telephoning the office who will send you a listing or request by email.

The next issue of the newsletter in May will have a full listing and you can download/read from our website.

If at any time members would like to go to places not included in the listing please let the office know so we can consider either squeezing in an extra trip or include for next year… whatever we want to offer to you at a reasonable price the chance to enjoy days out…

Candyfloss Outings are fun days out using accessible and door to destination transport.

For more information contact Martyn on