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Forever Remembered

However, through communications from our members, members have indicated they would so like to visit the last resting place of a loved one but have not done so for some considerable time or have never been able to do so due to difficulty arranging transport and carer(s).

Therefore the Trustees have decided to set up a specific project that enables members to visit the deceased family members and loved ones.

It is planned to start the project from 1st April 2022, at the start of the new financial year of the charity.

If any disabled person wishes to take up the service they do need to become a member.

It is felt the charge should be minimal, to cover vehicle running costs only, for the journey. It is not seen as a revenue generation scheme… but an additional way of improving the quality of life of our members, some of whom are terminally ill and may well see this as the last or only opportunity they will have to see where their parents, family members etc. were laid to rest.

Bringing an opportunity for disabled individuals to visit their deceased loved ones for maybe the last and only time.

For more details contact the office on 01179657449 or email: