Accessible Transport 4 U

The Wheel 2 Learn- project supported by AT4U, run by registered charity East Bristol Advice & Information Centres.


The Wheel 2 Learn-young people’s educational support project

(incorporating Candyfloss outings and Buckets n Spades projects)

Amalgamated service that is geared to individuals who are disabled and want to access learning or further education. Including outdoor sport and recreational activities to help broaden horizons and practical experiences.

The aim to better their quality of life and perhaps help them become independent and able to consider employment or voluntary work and gain a better understanding on life and social integration.

We aim to be supportive and contribute to disabled young people, including learning difficulties, mental health and are between 15 to 25 years of age, regardless of culture or social background, to access learning, education and training.

Both physically and financially accessible supportive service.

We want to provide the service to as many as we possibly can at a price convenient to their budgets. We anticipate an average of 35 young persons a day in 5 day week to go to college or take up outdoor activities.

We have established that all the courses the students we transport are obtaining maths and how to handle money, open bank accounts and pay bills etc., together with life and interpersonal skills.

We anticipate to increase the people we carry to be able to help as many disabled young students as possible from across areas in Bristol, South West of England and South Wales.

Based on the success we have had in the past and the increased demand in Bristol, with  feedback from people in South West of England and South Wales, we realise what we are doing could benefit the communities in these areas and their desire to travel to and from colleges/university for educational advancement.

We aim to be a supportive service that encourages and contributes toward vulnerable individuals to take up education and training that would contribute to improving their quality of life.